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About Silver Wolf Mariah
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 Born of Mic’Maq and Narragansett descent, my father strived to keep teachers in my life so that I would know, understand and live my life according to and in honor of our Native American heritage.

Having passed when I was 20 years old, he left me empowered with fabulous gifts, most of those gifts you can only find within a person’s heart and soul…

The gift of love, compassion, and empathy, he never hesitated to help any human or animal that stumbled across his path. If there was only one word to describe my Father, that word would be "friend", and that word is not used freely or lightly.

Another valuable gift my father inspired and left in me was the desire to learn. He was an avid learner of history, nature, paranormal, people, cultures, life, and life’s lessons. He believed that knowledge enabled us to become better human beings. He believed our human quest was to learn to get along and over come obstacles between us rather than fight. He believed we should strive to understand and appreciate human and cultural differences rather than limiting ourselves to judgment and hate. He spoke often of how we are meant to be one with nature, the earth, the universe, not to work against it, try to alter, change, disrespect, destroy or try to control it. He believed that every living thing had meaning and purpose and we had no right to interfere with the universal law or the natural flow of life. He used to say that we might not always understand it, but that it is our responsibility to protect it just the same.
My Father was one of the greatest gifts and teachers I have ever known. years later, I still find myself speaking, living in, learning and growing in his words of universal wisdom.

In my own pursuit of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment I have had the honor and privilege of meeting and learning from many wonderful teachers that have built upon the foundation my father left within me.

My quest began at the roots of Native American beliefs, spirituality and heritage and took me into on going metaphysical studies with a brief introduction into marshal arts. Not for protection, or to fight, but to learn about Ki energy and the healing properties of due to an automobile accident that I was recovering from. From there I ventured into traditional counseling and psychology which between work and studies claimed a little over a decade of my life. I found myself feeling limited by traditional counseling and stumbled upon a Reiki Master. Having already been introduced to Ki energy and having first hand experience of the healing energies, I began learning all that I could and achieved my Master level last year. It was around that time that I also left the traditional counseling field so that I could assist people in a less limited and more holistic manner. I feel that all my life experiences and studies have enabled me to be a well-rounded and grounded spiritual counselor and healer. Though I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished in my life thus far, like my father, I believe we can always learn more, do more and be more… I invite you to walk the path of eternal enlightenment with me…

May your heart always feel love and your soul always live in the universal light,

Silver Wolf Mariah